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A Hot Red Hermaphrodite Shows Off Her Dick

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Brother trucker says: 6 years ago
I've been with one and it was amazing, I beleave honesty is the best way, she told me she was one and I didn't beleave her,I thought she was just saying that to see if i would run away so I told her to prove it and she did, did I run, no I did not in fact I fell in love with her and stayed with for nine years until she passed away at the young age of 35
4 years ago
Fake because:
1) A hermaphrodite's penis would be located where the clit would normally be, not in addition to it and 1.5 inches above it.
2) No balls, no come.
3) The "penis" skin doesn't even move as she strokes it.
4) Everyone looking at this knows you ejaculate in spurts, not in one smooth stream.

At least try to make the fake shit remotely realistic.
Dinglefuck 6 years ago
First of all how'd she cum without nutts
So Fake 6 years ago
That cock is totally fake
Dr Rock 6 years ago
Not sure what that is but I'd fuck that strange sexy unusually attractive beast.
bigone 6 years ago
you could easily see that dick was fake!!
Tellyoulater 6 years ago
How can she come if there are no nuts ?...And what about a prostate ?..Those are the ingredients that makes a man cum.
I Love Porn 6 years ago
The shit is so fake!! LMAO!!!
what the fuck 3 years ago
Xyrus 4 years ago
A real Hermaphrodite's penis is like a dog's, because their clothes just gets really fucking HUGE! (Look up hermaphrodite on this site, it should be on the thumbnail in the first few.)